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15:31 - 2010-08-30
Strange Shores

Itís been a long time since I visited these shores, they feel a little strange and yet also familiar, like coming home after a long trip abroad.

I always intended to maintain the diary, but life became busy and stressful and I slipped out of the habit. The sheer volume of work I accumulated while actively writing on this site astonished me. I didnít want to lose it, itís a life story when all is said and done, and hence I slipped into a different habit - archiving and then turning the diary entries into books to keep for posterity. It all started with a book I gave as a gift to Twinkles one Christmas. He adored being the subject of a diary; he adores even more being the subject of a book, or series of books. So far I have written up to May 2006, and will hopefully soon find time to produce the second half of that yearís Stardust Diaries. The books are not and will never be best sellers. I donít care. If only a handful of people find themselves more kindly disposed towards people like Twinkles and Lulu, and all their transgender friends, as a result of reading the diaries then I will be proud of that. Anyone interested can find them at:

Life is still busy, but we are still together, still happy, barring the days we get on each otherís nerves.

Twinkles, much to his disgust is working today, despite it being a Bank Holiday. The owner of the Jewellers he works for decided that the current economic climate is such that he canít afford to lose a dayís business. It was hell getting him up out of bed this morning. I had to physically extract him from beneath the duvet. Hopefully he will be in a better mood when I pick him up to bring him home. Heíll be itching to make a start on getting ready to go out this evening. Thereís a special Bank Holiday event on at the PP. Itís a competition where all the entrants have to reproduce a scene from the film ĎThe adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.í Twinks, Lulu and Natalie have been working hard on a routine and costumes for the past few weeks, and of course having the usual quota of tantrums, tears and artistic differences in the process.

Well, I must be making tracks, I dare not be late picking him up tonight, or Iíll get his lemon lip look all the way home.

Take care everyone. Be well and happy.

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